Offical NYCEFT Member

Cheryl Pearlman

718 972 5202

Brooklyn, New York, 11218 US
As a highly experienced clinician committed to many years of post graduate education and training I have found EFT to be the most effective way for couples (straight, LGBTQ, traditional,and non traditional) to repair their relationship,and heal their pain. Couples therapy can address a wide variety of issues including anxiety, depression, sexual problems, infidelity, step-parenting, and retirement. Through therapy couples can build a loving bond feeling more resilient and connected. My work with individuals includes my training in psychodynamic therapy, CBT, (some DBT) and in Coherent Narrative therapy which very effectively combines coherence therapy and a type of narrative therapy helping people get unstuck.
5 - Additional EFT Training
LGBT-Affirmative, Cross-Cultural/Interfaith, New Relationships, Infidelity, Families and Parenting