Ep 3 – Covid Related Hate and Violence Towards Asian and Pacific Islander Communities in the USA

In this episode of the NYCEFT Podcast, Peggy Wu, PhD, psychotherapist/mother/professor, and Chinese American, shares her professional insights and personal experiences regarding the recent increase in Covid related hate and violence towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in the US. Further, as a marriage and family therapist, professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and board member at NYCEFT, as well as one who regularly hears from clients who are traumatized by the effects of anti-Asian sentiment, Peggy is ideally positioned to talk with us about this disturbing trend. Peggy first helps to clarify who is considered Asian, and who within the AAPI community is being targeted. Peggy describes the most urgent concerns of people from the community, including not feeling safe, increased anxiety and depression, and feelings of isolation. Other topics discussed include the pain and challenges for Asian adoptees with white parents, mix race couples, and the “model minority” myth. Peggy encourages people who are impacted to first identify and give space to their emotions so that they can adequately process their feelings. Then she recommends organizations that can offer help and support. Peggy also discusses how therapists can reach out to clients with cultural sensitivity, and emphasizes that those in the AAPI community do not have to deal with their feelings alone when experiencing hate and violence.

Resources for Asians and Pacific Islanders:

Asian American Federation

NYC Well:

I Hollaback:

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