EFT Training Courses

Learn The New Science Of Love

EFT is far from an Idea. It’s rapidly becoming the gold standard in therapy world wide.This is because of how well it’s been proven to work, how quickly it’s been shown to help, and EFT’s well organized instruction and implementation in the world of therapists that care enough to become better.

Knowing the new Science of Love will help you be more successful in couples and relationships. It will even help you improve your own compassion for others and strengthen relationships in your own life as well.

Starting With EFT - Externship

EFT training starts with the basic Externship, brought to you by certified ICEEFT trainers.  Attending this official externship is the first step to being listed at the EFT website, where couples go to find couple therapists in the top method being used today. Please note that therapists are required to have active ICEEFT memberships in order to be listed on the EFT website.

This externship is also a step towards becoming a certified EFT therapist. For further details about the certification process please refer to Susan Johnson’s International Centre for Excellence in EFT (ICEEFT).

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In this Externship, you will learn to:

  • View marital distress from an attachment perspective
  • Help partners reprocess the emotional responses that maintain marital distress
  • Shape key new interaction and bonding events and,
  • Overcome therapeutic impasses and plateaus.

You will also get to see live consultation sessions with a couple, a profound learning experience when delivered by an ICEEFT certified trainer.

This Level 1 Training is the one of the best tools you can add to your practice if you want to help couples truly heal and grow!

Core Skills - Take your training further... Get certified!

Core Skills Advanced Training will help deepen your understanding of EFT theory and translate it into more effective & deliberate interventions with your couples.

Research on the success of eft:

Research outcomes show EFT is effective in helping couples recover from marital distress 70 – 75% of the time. And 90% of couples participating in EFT report improvement in their relationships.
The EFT model works. But therapists need to know the whole process inside and out to make the most use out of it helping more people heal more quickly.

To ensure the methods are taught well and practiced to proficiency in a controlled environment geared towards learning, ICEEFT works closely with a select few EFT Centers in North America.

Core skills courses fill up quickly!

A landmark study, shows that we can now effectively help couples, not just understand their relationship a little better or fight a little less, but create the secure loving bonds that soothe our brain.

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